Interfolio at Princeton

Interfolio at Princeton

Interfolio is a module-based faculty information system that supports all stages of the faculty and academic professionals’ lifecycle at Princeton.

Interfolio will:  

  • Be a central hub for faculty and academic professional information including CVs. 
  • Streamline many of the processes that the Office of the Dean of Faculty carries out in collaboration with other academic units. 
  • Integrate with key institutional systems to optimize data management and build operational efficiencies. 
  • Provide authorized users with self-service access to faculty data. 

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Interfolio Academic Appointments

Streamlines and centralizes data collection with electronic forms and workflows to support and track academic review processes from end to end.

Interfolio Academic Activity Reporting

Provides a central hub for collecting and storing activity data and supporting materials including up-to-date CVs for all Princeton academics including faculty, researchers, post docs and other academic professionals.

Interfolio Academic Search​

Covers the entire academic recruitment process – including the job board and applications, applicant support, confidential letters and recommendations.

Interfolio Academic Lifecycle Management

Helps visualize scholar career paths, understand upcoming faculty career milestones and track academic appointments across Princeton.

Automated processes

Consolidated technology solutions

Improved academic support


Improved reporting

CV management

Showcases accomplishments

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